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July 16th,  2007

I've uploaded a new image of Jupiter in her "princess" form as seen in the manga with a fictional crystal of her own.  It's a little rough for what I would normally settle on but still good enough to post.


July 11th,  2007

I delivered... eventually that is.  While this update isn't anything like what I used to produce, I think it's refreshing enough; version 9.0 was becoming a tad depressing.  Hopefully I'll actually get around to adding some new pieces.


May 10th,  2007

Wow, I can't believe this site is still operational.  For old times sake, I'm attempting to update it so hopefully I'll remember how to do this soon enough... we'll see.


April 8th,  2002

A superficial update has taken place.  I figured I should finally get a layout up that I could let sit for the rest of the sites existence or until my fancy passes it's way again.  I took a bit of an abstracted approach for the sites theme image of which I composed completely in Photoshop 5.5.  Some will like it, some won't; ah well.


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